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Becoming a father: a portrait of the first moments

Francine De Montigny, Carl Lacharité

The issue. During the post-natal period, fathers are occupied with developing their own concept of what is meant by parental efficiency. But we have little information as to what does indeed help them develop this concept of efficiency. We also have little idea of how the initial transition to fatherhood contributes to the paternal experience. Objective. 1. To identify how first-time fathers perceive the critical events of the postnatal period. 2. To examine the contribution of such events to the construction of first-time fathers’ concept of efficiency. Method. A quantitative descriptive survey of 160 first-time fathers. Results. First-time fathers undergo a richly textured and diversified experience during those first moments of transition to fatherhood. The parental alliance and a low level of anxiety contribute to their concept of efficiency.