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The Enfances Familles Générations Journal is an international scientific publication that aims to better understand and shed light on complex social dynamics related to family and generational relationships. Published three times a year, the Journal is available free of charge and is distributed electronically.

No 43

Migrant Family Trajectories and Contributions to the Host Society: Interdisciplinary and International Reflections
Directed by Solène Lardoux , Marie-Laurence Flahaux , Nathalie Mondain, Maman Joyce Dogba, Deirdre Meintel

No 42

Familles, intervenants et soins palliatifs pédiatriques
Directed by Josée Chénard, Marianne O.-d'Avignon, Marie Friedel, Anne-Catherine Dubois

No 40

Families during COVID-19
Directed by Laurence Charton

No 39

Home and the Limits of Individualization
Directed by Emmanuelle Maunaye, Elsa Ramos

No 37

Reflecting on “Origins” in Contemporary Families: International Perspectives
Directed by Agnès Martial, Isabel Côté, Kévin Lavoie

No 35

Understanding Current Family Policies: Developments and Challenges
Directed by Gilles Séraphin, Nathalie St-Amour

No 33

The Body Politic of the Child: Modes of Research and Intervention
Directed by Nicoletta Diasio, Régine Sirota, Louise Hamelin Brabant

No 32

The Place and Impact of Animals in Families
Directed by Antoine Doré, Jérôme Michalon, Teresa Líbano Monteiro

No 31

What are families doing in the digital age? Socio-digital technologies and family, marital and intergenerational bonds
Directed by Sylvie Jochems, Claire Balleys, Olivier Martin

No 30

Exploring the City - Children’s and Teens’ Relationship to Public Spaces
Directed by Nadja Monnet, Mouloud Boukala

No 27

Stages of Life, Gender and Social Timeframes
Directed by Aline Charles, Laurence Charton, David Troyansky

No 26

Families, Men and Masculinities
Directed by Sacha Genest Dufault, Christine Castelain Meunier

No 24

End of life and death: what are the implications for family relationships?
Directed by Diane Laflamme, Joseph Josy Lévy

No 23

Homoparentality, transparencies and manifestations of family diversity: the contemporary challenges of parenthood
Directed by Martine Gross, Marie-France Bureau

No 22

From domestic violence to intrafamilial violence: how to define and to understand the problem
Directed by Marylène Lieber, Marta Roca i Escoda

No 21

Parenting and assisted reproductive technologies: contemporary gender issues
Directed by Jérôme Courduriès, Cathy Herbrand

No 20

Reverse transmission, reverse filiation, upward socialization: inverted perspectives on the relations of generations
Directed by Delphine Lobet, Lidia Eugenia Cavalcante

No 19

Youth migration: What are the mobility issues? What are the anchors?
Directed by Emmanuelle Maunaye

No 18

Work-Family Focus: Through the Lens of Professional Groups
Directed by Bernard Fusulier, Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay

No 16

Family education to help parents and children living in at-risk situations
Directed by Marie-Christine Saint-Jacques, Daniel Turcotte, Nathalie Oubrayrie-Roussel

No 14

Law, Procreation, Filiation
Directed by Marie-Blanche Tahon

No 12

The Child and the City
Directed by Marie-Soleil Cloutier, Juan Torres

No 11

The paternal experience surrounding the birth of a child: social contexts and professional practices
Directed by Carl Lacharité

No 10

No 8

The lifestyle of suburban families: mobility, integration, sociability and generational differentiation
Directed by Andrée Fortin, Carole Després

No 6

Recently Immigrated Families and Intergenerational Relationships
Directed by Josiane Le Gall

No 5

Evolution of Legal Norms and New Forms of Family Regulation
Directed by Alain Roy

No 4

Work-Family Balance: International Perspectives
Directed by Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, Jens Thoemmes