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Pediatric Palliative Care: Implications for Families and Caregivers

Josée Chénard, Marie Friedel, Marianne O.-d'Avignon, Anne-Catherine Dubois

Research Framework: This article proposes to define pediatric palliative care by adopting an approach centered on the whole family and the various health professionals supporting them.

Objectives: The main purpose of this introduction is to define pediatric palliative care, to describe the population likely to benefit from it, and to outline its main repercussions for families and caregivers. It also aims to contextualize each article in the issue.

Methodology: This article is based on a review of the literature.

Results: A definition of pediatric palliative care, the population concerned and the consequences for the whole family are presented.

Conclusions: The authors put forward several avenues for further research in the field of pediatric palliative care.

Contribution: This article contributes to the reflection and knowledge enrichment of those working with children and their families in pediatric palliative care. At the same time, it aims to introduce readers unfamiliar with this specific approach to care.