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“I helped two women start a family”: gamete donation among private individuals in Québec

Isabel Côté, Kévin Lavoie, Francine De Montigny

This article presents the findings of a study aimed at better understanding the perspective and experience of men who donate sperm to help others start a family. The article is based on qualitative data drawn from two collections of interviews of men who had donated sperm to lesbian couples, either as part of a pre-existing relationship with the women (n = 10) or as part of an agreement stemming from an initial contact over the Internet (n = 8). The findings suggest the need for a more nuanced conception of their participation in the family plans of others. Not only do these men view this altruistic gesture with a significant sense of accomplishment, but the chosen method of procreation is part of a consensual and transparent process that meets the needs of those involved and their respective motivations.