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Rethinking the marriage alliance with medically assisted procreation in a migratory context

Véronique Duchesne

The purpose of this article is to show the link between having a child and having a family through an ethnographic study on emigrants born in sub-Saharan Africa who have used assisted reproductive technology (ART) in Île-de-France. No matter their nationality, level of education, employment, socio-economic class, or the circumstances and reasons for emigrating, they all made a link between their desire for a child and the fact that they are married or plan on getting married. When it comes to immigration, having a child involves more than just the man and the woman ; the ascendants and collateral relatives of each member of the infertile couple intervene in different ways. In this article, the researchers suggest reconsidering marriage, from a theoretical point of view, starting with the analysis of marriage settlement within the context of ART.