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Family and Work: Findings and Proposals of Young Feminists in Quebec

Annabelle Seery

In this article, we will discuss the emerging views of young feminists in Quebec on reproduction work and how it fits in with paid work. Through semi-structured interviews, we will present the young feminists’ observations regarding these two sides of the gender-based division of labour and the suggestions they put forth. The women expose the still unequal division of the so-called invisible work and the pressure mothers have to perform well. They also doubt the success of work-family balance and question paid work as a cure-all to empower women. After discussing these observations, the young feminists contemplated solutions : they discussed part-time work and possible compensation for reproduction work. Influenced by their own experiences in the current workforce, their views on motherhood, and the importance they attribute to family, the feminists strive for greater importance granted to work done in a family and for reorganizing work to respond to the needs and aspirations of as many women as possible. The ideas of these young feminists are in line with the main ideas of the Quebec women’s movement but also break away from them.