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Upward transmission, inverted filiation, reverse socialization: intergenerational relationships considered inversely

Delphine Lobet, Lidia Eugenia Cavalcante

The present introductory article provides an overview of current social science research into the question of intergenerational relationships considered inversely, i.e. from children to parents rather than from parents to children. How does research handle the major question of upward transmission, of reverse socialization, of inverted filiation? In brief, how do we handle this question: what indeed do children do to their parents and their family? Subsequent to this element, the article turns to a reflection as to the current context of a more speedy transmission of knowledge. In what ways can a multi-connected information society affect the relationship between parents and children when it comes down to transmission and socialization as such? To conclude, we will take a look at the main discoveries made when those who have contributed to this number of Enfances Familles Générations “reversed” their approach to intergenerational relationships.