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Professional Affiliation and Family Life: A Particular Analytic Entry

Bernard Fusulier, Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay

There are many studies showing that the work-family relationship varies according to the societies that harbour them; that it takes different forms according to gender and personal situations; and that it depends on the characteristics and attitudes of business and organizations…. There is, however, another dimension that affects the linkage between the two entities, one which has been little studied: membership of an occupational group or of a profession. Such membership is the indication of the existence of a social entity that has a certain number of inherent characteristics and that potentially is not devoid of influence on the manner in which linkage is established between the member’s professional and family life. In this introductory article we first discuss the interest and specifics of such data input. Subsequently, we indicate the major characteristics of the articles that make up the present issue of this magazine, articles that deal with a range of occupational and professional groups: teachers, social workers, train conductors, physicians, nurses, and police officers.