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New Perspectives on Conjugal Mixedness: The Subject and the Actor at the Heart of the Analysis

Catherine Therrien, Josiane Le Gall

When work in social science focuses on the socio-political and intellectual trends of a given period, it reflects the spirit of the times (see Varro in the present number). Consequently, the way in which researchers comprehend the subjects of their investigation is time-related, but also space-related, i.e. linked to the context in which they are situated. We thus determined that it would be of interest to visit the various theoretical perspectives that have led to the building up of the study area of mixed conjugality and to do so by starting with a synthesis of the theoretical frameworks that for a long time now have played a determining role in research on mixed couples. Following this, we would highlight the coming to the fore of the new perspectives that give a preferential role to the participants involved and which consider personal identity to be central to their analysis. These perspectives, which open up new subjects, and new viewpoints, while contributing to a change in the very language that structures this field of research, most certainly reflect the concerns of our present time.