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Multiparenthood and Multi-kinship: An Anthropological Perspective on the Law of Adoption and Assisted Procreation in Quebec

Chantal Collard

In October 2009, Quebec’s Minister of Justice, Kathleen Weil, put forward a draft bill concerning filiation and parental authority entitled “an Act to amend the Civil Code and other legislative provisions as regards adoption and parental authority.” At almost the same time – in December 2009 – the Ethics Committee for Science and Technology, under the direction of president Edith Deleury, released a report entitled “Ethics and assisted procreation: guidelines for the donation of gametes and embryos, surrogacy and preimplantation genetic diagnosis.” The aim of this article is to uncover what these texts say about multiparenthood and multi-kinship, and what new relationships they highlight between the law, the individual, and the family.