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Between the Midwife and the Father, Co-Constructed Spaces: An Exploratory Study

Marleen Baker, Jean-Marie Miron, Francine De Montigny

Few studies describe the practice of midwives as it is implemented in the Province of Quebec in Canada. Furthermore, few studies describe midwifery in relation to men as men, as spouses of mothers, and as fathers of infants. How are men and fathers present in the practices and discourses of Quebec midwives? Based on 23 in-depth interviews of midwives working in birth centers, this study analyses their representations of fathers and of their relationship with them. Results show that midwives organize their relationships with fathers in terms of the space between and around them. There is a co-construction of space within which fathers, mothers and midwives are acting and reflecting together. The discussion underlines the outcomes of the study in terms of the conceptualization of the psychosocial aspects of the Quebec approach to the practice of midwifery.