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Daily Mobility of Adolescents Living in a Rural Area in the Quebec City Metropolitan Community

Nabila Bachiri, Carole Després

There has been little research to date on adolescent daily travel patterns as linked to the characteristics of their residential neighbourhood and the location of their educational establishments. In the present qualitative enquiry we have analyzed the travelling habits of 30 adolescents living in the peripheral areas of the CUQ (Quebec City urban community), and concluded as to their significance. The results confirm that daily mobility is dependent on being driven to school by parents, or taking the school bus. Because of the long distances involved, due to the wide dispersion of businesses, equipment and services over the area concerned, it is almost impossible to walk or even cycle to one’s destination, and the lack or inefficiency of public transport does not encourage its use. The potential consequences of such subservient mobility on the development and habits of adolescents are discussed in the conclusion of this paper, and additional related research avenues are suggested.