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Neonatality and Constitution of Knowledge in Migratory Context: Families and Health Services. Theoretical Issues, Anthropological Perspectives

Josiane Le Gall, Sylvie Fortin

The present paper, based on a still developing research project and the field experience of its writers, looks at the perinatal period, considered as a pivotal family learning moment. This period takes on a specific sense in a migratory context, characterized by the leaving behind of source family and an investment in a parental project (the child’s future often playing a major role in the migratory project). The birth of a child is also the moment when many immigrants are introduced to Quebec medical services. This raises two questions: how are family perinatal understandings and practices transmitted (and reinterpreted) to and by local society, and how do they resonate amongst the specialists in local health services? Since Muslims constitute a recent and growing number of immigrants in Quebec, we will focus more on this group, and its cultural, ethnic and religious diversity.