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The Construction of Individuality and Intergenerational Relationships Among Young Quebec Adults Living with their Parents

Maxime Bélanger, Anne Quéniart

This article deals with the question of young adults who, having completed their education, now hold down a job, while continuing to live at home. We begin by going back over the main theoretical aspects of this research project, and providing a summary of its methodological approach, following which the article focuses on what determines these young people to remain with their parents and the impact that this lifestyle has on their self-definition and the way in which they perceive themselves, or not, as independent beings. The last part of the article deals with the major elements that contribute to the promotion of the individualization of these young people, that is to say, with their ability to develop as autonomous adults within a relationship that involves some level of dependency and compliance with certain parental norms, and that includes obstacles liable to militate against such autonomy.